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13 Июля, 15:45
Клематис (лат. Clematis), или ломонос, или лозинка – род семейства лютиковые, представляет собой деревянистые растения или травянистые многолетники, распространенные в умеренном и субтропическом поясах Северного полушария. Всего их около 300 видов, и они порой сильно отличаются друг от друга. Греческое слово «klema» когда-то обозначало любое вьющееся растение.
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07 Июля, 14:56
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19 Мая, 09:56
Sleepy Joe seems to wakw up from the desaster that Necons from STate Department created ( wiih his tacit aproval )..... the level od degradation of US diplomatic core as well as US elites is more then obviously...just look on people like Kamala Harris ( she is even more incompetent then demented Biden ) Antony Blinken he is a person that all his life until now had to copy papers, put togheder some metteongs, arange some flowers and take care of US senat External Politic comision..IN Fact Toby Blinken has no competence for his job, Nancy Pelosy the most corupt Speaker ever, Loid Austi8n ( 4 star general) his bigger achivment until now was to ocupy a positionn in raytheon technologies Board that position was the only thing wich made him Secretary od Defence....and i can continue with examples from all over the World..shall i speak about the Clovn wich curently is British PM??? or about Ursula ( she was the worse Minister of Defence that Germany had, becaus eof her German army was forced to use broomstiks tails in a exercise necause she did not furfil the order for guns )
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19 Марта, 16:26
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19 Марта, 16:18

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